Do cold starts make FaaS unusable and too expensive for you? Try Kontain’s FaaS! Prepare your mind to be blown.

Your Modern Production Runtime


Changing cloud requirements, edge deployments, and security threats are escalating — and becoming more urgent due to containers that run on top of tens of millions of unnecessary, sluggish, and risky kernel code.

It’s time for a new, more modern software production stack.

Cloud Software Deployment is
Rapidly Changing

Kontainers are built for modern application development and deployment. They offer the security, performance and scalability needed for the cloud-native, microservices of the future — and get ahead of the tsunami of security threats posed by today’s fat attack surfaces.

TOP 5 REASONS Developers, DevOps and Enterprises Love Kontainers


Uncompromising architecture

Lightweight, with no shared OS kernel, fewer security risks, and far greater speed and efficiency.

Groundbreaking security

Tiny attack surface and small blast radius reduce security vulnerability.

Ultimate efficiency

Kontainers instantiate in an instant and feature strong isolation so more computation gets done with less hardware, saving money and carbon.

Investment preservation

No need to re-tool processes and methods.

Innovation enablement

Perfect for edge, blockchain, and high-velocity deployment.


Kontainers make developers’ lives easier:
  • Get rid of bloated, wasteful artifacts with fat attack surfaces.
  • Increase isolation by eliminating shared kernels. Inoculate your production systems from the next zero-day vulnerability.
  • Enable instant startup, scaling from zero to thousands and back to zero, with ease.


Kontainers modernize DevOps:
  • Designed specifically to address any application deployment challenge, including the hurdles posed by tomorrow’s edge, cloud-native, and blockchain software.
  • Offer the same, familiar Docker and Kubernetes experience.


Kontainers are ideal for today’s agile enterprises:
  • Fewer security nightmares.
  • Lower operating expenses.
  • Smaller carbon footprints.
  • Improved end-user experiences.

Use Cases


Ultra fast, scalable, secure FaaS

DeFi / FinTech

Millisconds latency, high security


Accelerated inferencing

Edge / 5G

Instant on, small footprint, multitenant


Reduced OpEx, lower response time latency, safer multitenancy, simpler DevOps

Media & Entertainment

Ultra scalable and efficient CDN

Workload Isolation

Uncompromised security, vastly quicker than VMs (and containers)

Hyperelastic Microservices

Insert your imagination here…

YES, We’re Open Source!

The world runs on open source software, and so do we, because we believe in open development models that help create more stable, secure, and innovative technologies. We encourage you to work with our source code and provide feedback.

And, if you’d like to work directly with our engineers on a proof of concept for your use case—be it healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, government, edge, serverless, or whatever—let us know. We are keen to add capabilities to make sure our solution works for you.