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The Modern, Essential Container for The Era of Decentralized Computing

Deploying Cloud-Native Microservices and Decentralized Applications: Increased Security and Velocity, With Far Less Complexity and Cost


Containers transformed the way the world packages and deploys software, but the world has changed dramatically in the decade since they gained popularity. We are accelerating toward fully distributed architectures comprising hundreds of connected microservices, many running at the edge. All this software spread across a multidimensional matrix must be coordinated, secured, and efficiently managed.To enable this new era of computing, we need instantaneous scaling, low resource usage and cost, high density and — crucially — architecturally strong security. This white paper makes the case that a new, modern container is required to support the decentralized, cloud-native software needed for today and tomorrow and avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of the security flaws in the current container infrastructure.

paper concludes with a brief description of the Kontain solution — Kontainers™ — a breakthrough new container with security, speed, and efficiency, making life better for developers, DevOps, SecOps, and their users.

By reading this white paper, you will learn 3 things:

  1. What the shortcomings are of the current, decade-old container infrastructure.
  2. Why it is crucial now to move to a new, next-generation container for Docker and Kubernetes.
  3. How to harden security, reduce cost and carbon footprints, scale, fuel innovation, and more.

The Modern Essential Container for the Era of Decentralized Computing

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