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Strategic Defense Against Zero-Day Attacks

Responding to The Log4Shell Wake Up Call


Recent extremely dangerous cyber security vulnerabilities, including most famously Log4Shell, have raised awareness to the ongoing threat of bad actors taking advantage of security flaws in the software upon which we rely 24/7. What is not as well appreciated, however, is how these so-called zero-day vulnerabilities are even more hazardous than we may realize. Most of the technology we use to secure software doesn’t, and can’t, protect against the zero-day.

This white paper makes the case for a strategic response, rather than merely patching vulnerabilities. We argue for greater defense in depth, for mitigating against future zero-days, by dramatically reducing the attack surface presented to would-be intruders, and by strongly reducing the potential blast radius of a successful breach.

The paper concludes with a brief description of the low-friction Kontain solution for adding an orthogonal line of defense that stymies Log4Shell and myriad other zero-days

By reading this white paper, you will learn 3 things:

1. Why your security tools and processes leave you vulnerable to zero-days.

2. Why defense in depth is the only viable strategy against zero-days.

3. How to reduce your software’s attack surface and blast radius.

The Modern Essential Container for the Era of Decentralized Computing

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