Do cold starts make FaaS unusable and too expensive for you? Try Kontain’s FaaS! Prepare your mind to be blown.

Modern Containerization…WAIT but that is not all!

Modern Containerization Essentials
for Modern Deployment


  • Thousands of containers per node
  • Scale to zero
  • Small footprint
  • True ephemerality


  • >100x faster microservice start
  • Consistently fast; no pre-warming

OpEx Savings

  • Up to 10x less hardware
  • Simpler DevOps
  • No idle microservice waste


  • Per-instance VM isolation
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Small footprint
  • Fresh kontainer at every invocation

Developer Efficiency

  • Industry standard format
  • Toolchain compatibility
  • Design for scale, security, savings

WAIT but that is not all!

  • CRI-compatible runtime for Docker and K8s
  • Coexists with regular containers
  • Runs in standard Kubernetes
  • Deploys alongside regular containers & K8s pods
  • Easy deployment to public cloud
  • Unchanged developer workflow
  • Unchanged CI/CD pipelines & DevOps tooling
  • Run existing containers in Kontain VM