Do cold starts make FaaS unusable and too expensive for you? Try Kontain’s FaaS! Prepare your mind to be blown.

Do Cold Starts Make FaaS Unusable & Too Expensive For You?

What if there were a FaaS solution that was hundreds of times faster on cold starts?

A simple Spring Boot function on Azure Container Apps typically takes 15-25 seconds, and sometimes much longer, to complete if the function is not prewarmed.

Who has time for that?

That same function on Kontain consistently takes meaningfully less than 100 milliseconds.

Intrigued?  If so, we invite you to try Kontain’s FaaS, the serverless platform with No-Penalty Cold Starts™.

For a limited time and a limited number of users, we are opening a technology preview of the Kontain FaaS Engine so you can see what hundreds of times faster feels like.

Bring your biggest, slowest to cold start functions.

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