Do cold starts make FaaS unusable and too expensive for you? Try Kontain’s FaaS! Prepare your mind to be blown.

Optimize Resources & Minimize Carbon Footprint with Innovative ML Solutions

The challenges you face in building and deploying LLMs and various ML applications – the lag, the inefficiency – we understand them.

The rate at which your solutions reach the market is hindered by suboptimal usage of both hardware and the talents of your data/ML engineers. Your model development faces unnecessary delays, AI inferencing profit margins are negative, and there is an acute shortage of necessary hardware resources, particularly GPUs.

Enter in 2023. We’re here to bring ML infrastructure software solutions that will:

  • Amplify the performance, scalability, efficiency, and affordability of AI inferencing.
  • Speed up model development, enhance developer productivity, and hasten the realization of value.
  • Generate a greater AI yield from the limited AI hardware resources.
  • Diminish the energy and carbon footprint of AI operations.

Built upon the internationally patented Kontain platform, our solutions at are designed to be effortless to operate, compatible with all languages and toolchains, and require no special source code.

Kontain is on the lookout for innovative design partners who can shape our product plans and be pioneers in utilizing our innovative solutions.

If you’re an organization that’s involved in the development and deployment of LLM and ML software, if you’re looking to maximize the output of your limited developer and hardware resources, and if you aspire to reap the most from your AI initiatives, we’d like to collaborate with you.

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