Do cold starts make FaaS unusable and too expensive for you? Try Kontain’s FaaS! Prepare your mind to be blown.

Introducing Kontainers

Modern containerization for modern app deployment

Designed for today’s cloud-native, demanding distributed apps, Kontainers deliver the ultimate in speed, security, and instant scalability.

Decade-Old Container Architecture

  • Poses security vulnerabilities.
  • Lacks scalability and performance.
  • Consumes excess compute resources and power.
  • Is complex and difficult to manage.

Kontainers Fit in
and Stand Out

Integrating the best features of containers and unikernels, Kontainers are architected for modern application deployment – lighter, faster, smaller, more secure, more scalable, and more efficient – for cloud-native, edge, and blockchain applications.

Groundbreaking Security

Vastly smaller attack surface and blast radius slashes risk.

Ultimate Efficiency

Instant (think milliseconds) cold start minimizes footprint and costs and enables effortless DevOps scaling.

Familiar and easy to use

Works in Kubernetes and co-exists with regular containers using the tools and workflows you love.

Good for Developers. Good for DevOps.
Good for Business.


Kontainers make developers’ lives easier:
  • Reduce security concerns/code vulnerability.
  • Optimize code production for security.
  • Improve the quality of software deployments.


Kontainers modernize DevOps:
  • Slash fat attack surfaces.
  • Inoculate against zero-day vulnerability.
  • Scale with ease.


Kontainers are ideal for today’s agile enterprises:
  • Reduce security nightmares.
  • Lower operating expenses.
  • Smaller carbon footprints.

Easy, Low Investment, Low Risk Journey to Kontainers

  • 1
    Run Existing Containers in Kontain
  • 2
    Convert Containers to Kontainers
  • 3
    Optimize App Architecture & DevOps Practices